From zero to five

The Centre will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, an excellent opportunity to highlight the Centre’s multiple accomplishments and top-notch results, achieved thanks to the synergy of its founding members and other engaged organisations living under its roof. Over 250,000 sympathizers revolve around the Centre, its members and tenants. The building itself has also demonstrated excellent results, as shown by this report.

5 years in numbers: 

  • 22 flourishing organisations under the same roof
  • 2,580 events held at the Centre
  • 4,380 subscribers to the monthly newsletter
  • 7,520 Twitter followers
  • 10,350 Facebook followers
  • 111,350 visitors and participants to the events held at the Centre
  • 965,800 page visits on the website

Top accomplishments


The five-storey building opens its doors after ten years of hard work, thanks to the drive and mobilisation of devoted partners who continue to pool their vision, ideas, funds and business contacts.

Before and after the grand opening, guided tours aiming to inspire students, organisations, businesses, engineers and other building experts are offered to the public thanks to Equiterre’s and Hydro-Québec’s collaboration.

To fund its activities, the Centre develops a rental service, providing the business community with well-equipped and bright conference rooms for corporate events.

The Centre joins the Quartier des spectacles Partnership. 


The Centre inaugurates its sustainable development directory, offering tools and references on sustainable development issues in person at the front desk, on the phone and online (750 resources divided into 21 categories). 

It also launches an interactive exhibit on green building composed of a dozen information stations, some of them interactive, as well as a building materials library.

To uphold its mandate, the Centre develops a program of events aimed at experts, elected officials and the general public.

The Centre acquires art exhibit equipment and becomes the first and only exhibit space linking art and sustainable development in Montreal.


The Centre is officially awarded the LEED® Canada NC Platinum certification, making the Centre the first building in Quebec to obtain this level, the highest in the internationally recognized LEED certification system.

For its first participation in the Nuit blanche event of the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival, the Centre presents a light show on its green wall and attracts over 4,000 visitors. 


The Centre expands its programming with new and unique events, quick to become annual favourites: a clothes swap, a green-dating event and a great, green summer picnic. 

It develops new, credited training programs, with a first course on the carbon market.


The Centre presents a series of events to demystify the COP21, including architectural projections showcasing climate change metadata, in collaboration with the artist David Usher of Concordia University, the creative studio PLAYMIND and Élan Global.

The Centre creates a social economy business specialized in IT services. Mutualit’ was formed with the Centre’s original IT team members and aims to provide services that take into account the environmental and social impacts of IT.

The Centre presents its first Salon des artisans récupérateurs, an arts and crafts fair organized by Environnement JEUnesse that attracts 5,000 visitors.


The Centre rolls out a citizen awareness campaign titled My Green Home.