Along the Pipeline Exhibit

Photo : Robert van Waarden

From February 28th to March 17th 2015, the Centre for Sustainable Development will host the exhibit Along the Pipeline by Robert van Waarden et Garth Lenz, in partnership with Greenpeace, Equiterre, Environmental Defence and the Council of Canadians.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to communicate the enormity and significance of an issue. This is especially true for something as massive and complex as TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline and tanker project.

Energy East is the biggest tar sands pipeline proposal in the world. If built, it would be bigger than both Keystone XL and Northern Gateway. It would put nearly 1,000 lakes and rivers across Canada at risk of an oil spill. And, it would threaten the drinking water of millions of Canadians.

With a proposal this massive, it can be easy to lose sight of the people the project would put in harm’s way. With the pipeline’s proposed route of 4,600 kilometres, it can be tough to imagine the many places across Canada that Energy East would threaten.

This exhibit brings us face to face with some of the Canadians who live along the pipeline’s proposed route. And it enables each of us to visit exquisite Canadian landscapes that Energy East would put at risk. Taken together, the images show the vital, sensitive ecosystems Energy East could damage and highlight the concerns of Canadians living directly in harm’s way.

The exhibit features photographs by two talented Canadian photographers, Garth Lenz and Robert van Waarden. Their photographs are beautiful and moving. Perhaps most importantly, they help us understand that these are real communities and real landscapes at risk across vast distances along the line.


The exhibit opening will take place at 8 pm on February 28th, during Montréal en lumière’s Nuit blanche festival. Other activities will also take place in the Atrium during this festive evening. Take a peak at what we have in store for the night here.

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About the artists

Garth Lenz’s photographs capture what happens when a pristine landscape is confronted by an industrial project. Garth has won top awards at Prix de la Photographie Paris and the International Photography Awards. He is a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. His work has been exhibited around the world, from Los Angeles to Madrid.

Robert van Waarden’s photographs explore the consequences of a changing climate. His work has been published by National Geographic Traveler, Canadian Geographic and others. And, his images have been exhibited internationally, from Washington to Mexico.

Thank you!

The Centre for Sustainable Development would like to thank the artists, Greenpeace, Equiterre, Environmental Defence, the Council of Canadians, the Metro newspaper, Novae and Alcoa, its main partner in programming. The greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the transportation of participants in the 2015 program will be offset thanks to a partnership with Planetair.

The Centre would also like to thank everyone who supported the project via crowdfunding: Robert Niven, Elizabeth T Jones, Clive and Theresa, Jason Mogus, Richard Graves, Rose Ramondt, Gibson Craig, Courtney Howard, Damien A Cote, Katherine Trajan, Jeremy Osborn, Maggy Burns, James Jones, William Hamon, Johanna van Waarden, Peter Lipton, Ian Stewart, Dave Keenan, Julia Keenan, Arlene Keenan, David Wargert, Anthony Berkers, Justin Woolford, J L Wyndham-Kidd, Caroline Howe, Kate & Guus, Frank Lyrauu, Paul Ferris, Hans & Sija, Doug Fraser, Kathryn Martin, Tatiana Glad, Eric Darier, Morgan Goodwin & more.